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Perspectives on the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith


Dr. William Pierce - Jewish Hate, the Media, and the ADL

Dr. William Pierce - The FBI, the ADL, and Christina Long  Discusses inter alia the ADL's  efforts to mobilize the FBI against perceived enemies of Jewry following 9-11.

Jeff Blankfort on the ADL AIPAC, and the Zionist Left

Justin Raimondo (Libertarian pacifist) :


Almost anything could get you identified as an "extremist" and earn you a dossier in the Anti-Defamation League’s extensive library of reports on subversive right-wing activities. A series of books churned by the prolific tag-team of Arnold Forster and Benjamin R. Epstein consists, in large part, of verbatim reports by ADL field agents who regularly kept tabs on such dangerous elements as the "isolationist" Congress of Freedom, headed by early libertarian philosopher Robert Lefevre. The ADL had a vision of a gigantic conspiracy that had resisted the war effort and opposed Roosevelt, two political positions they invariably identified with anti-Semitism. Overstreet and other, lesser figures in the anti-rightist movement faded with the onset of the sixties, when it became clear that the Birchers – unlike the Weathermen – were not the real revolutionaries. But with the end of the cold war, and the rise of right-wing populism and "antigovernment" sentiment, the "extremist"-baiters are back, and in a big way.[ Justin Raimondo, "Cyber-Cops, Watchdogs, and the Thought-Police," 15 January 2000]

Selections from information about the ADL compiled by Ahmed Rami (Radio Islam):

Fact Sheet about the ADL

ADL - The Face of Hate

Is the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith spying on You? - by Bill Hughes

ADL illegal surveillance case

Spy vs. Spite - by Matt Isaacs

A History of Jewish Disinformation and Intimidation

ADL's ties with Mossad

Bookburners and their Victims - by Kurt Holden

Roy "Cal" Bullock on Spying and Names

King & Berlet on ADL's trip to the Right

California Appeals Court Decision on ADL

Secrecy Defended by ADL


Internet: the Jewish-ADL Perspective

Israel Shahak

Court Rules for Activists on ADL

Judge orders Opening of Enemies List

ADL claims Court-Ruling Victory in "Spying" Lawsuit

ADL Suit Reinvigorated

ADL Press-Release, November 1998

Stopping Extremism before the Crime - by Abraham Foxman

Protecting Privacy, Monitoring Hate

ADL & Mossad

Counterpunch - Were Spies Journalists?

ADL accused of McCarthyite Tactics

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